Uprising Seeds

2208 Iron St., Bellingham, WA, 98225

Phone Number: (360) 778-3749

Email: uprisingseeds@riseup.net



Uprising Seeds is the culmination of years of fresh market farming, variety trialing, seed production and breeding work, and most importantly, a decades-long love affair with food and its power to bring people together. Our ideal vision of seed sustainability involves farmers and gardeners as the stewards of the varieties that they depend on. We are therefore committed to strengthening the public commons of seed genetics by working to preserve and improve open-pollinated varieties, celebrate
biodiversity, and seek out traits that foster adaptability and resilience. Relationships are the cornerstone upon which we define ourselves as we pass on and add to the stories of these seeds. The health of our relationship with the land, the seeds, and ultimately the food that sustains us has the power to shape our present and define our future. We believe anyone can have a garden, anyone can save seed, and the more we connect to producing food, the stronger our communities become.

Seeds are a gift to be shared, hard work to harvest, and yours to plant. Uprising Seeds is adamantly opposed to GMO’s and considers it a challenge and honor to take part in the rebuilding of healthy and just food systems for all.

We love what we do. We grow our future together.

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