We are creating a sustainable, cooperative cohousing community at Trelay, which is on the Atlantic coast of Cornwall in the south-west of England.

We are committed to living lightly on the Earth, to exploring more deeply the meanings of sustainability, co-sufficiency and resilience, and to discovering how a diverse group of people can move towards these aspirations.

15053238_695268213975777_1068759968_o 15064205_695268193975779_1609815434_oWe produce food together: growing, harvesting, cooking and preserving. There is much to learn about animal care, permaculture and organic production and we help and teach each other. We know the process of working together is as important to our well-being as the results.

The produce from the farm has included pork, beef, lamb, wool, chicken, duck, eggs, honey, fish, vegetables, tree fruit and nuts, soft fruit, timber, firewood, other forestry products, flowers, paintings, photographs and a wide variety of crafts – most of these in small quantities. It will soon include milk and dairy products from our two new Jersey cows.

We have 24 adults living at Trelay including 12 women, and there are also 9 children. All the women are engaged in the farming activities: Margot, Sally, Maria and Lisa care for the cows, sheep and ponies, Lisa looks after the chickens, Esther is in charge of the pigs, Jackie of the vegetable patch, Jo of the polytunnel, Heidi of the raspberries and Sophie of the ducks. Kathy, Christine and Helen help too, regularly and often. Sometimes the older women care for the children so the younger women can do farming work.

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We have renewable energy systems and exemplar buildings at Trelay. We run training courses, conferences and events linked to the experience of living together in a cohousing community and to our low impact life-style.

Visitors are welcomed to our courses and sustainable tourism businesses. We love being in contact with other groups of women throughout the world, who are living simply on the land.



Trelay is a cohousing community in North Cornwall, with 11 individual living spaces and several community buildings on 30 acres of land. We aim towards environmental, social and financial sustainability.



  1. Melissa Martin on December 16, 2016 at 7:18 am

    Inspiring to see all the white haired women farming. I have a small dairy goat farm in western MA,USA. My husband I run it by ourselves
    but would love to have more community involvement. Will try to Aspire to be like your community someday!
    Melissa Martin

  2. Anonymous on February 2, 2017 at 12:44 pm

    looks wonderful, just a shame you ahve to make meat out of those lovely pigs 🙁

  3. barbara on April 17, 2019 at 8:17 pm

    Thanks for setting up a website. I had been wanting to find the Trelay cohousing community article and here it is.

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