Strong women of sustainable agriculture.

Imagine an organic farming revolution. One that builds soil rather than depletes it and saves seed rather than destroys it. Right now, millions of women are behind this work. They believe in tomorrow. And their work is changing the world.

Women Who Farm supports and celebrates those who do this necessary work. We bring resources, community, and shared story.

Seven Ways To Bring More Ecology To Your Farm

February 21, 2017

Eight Ways to Bring More Ecology to Your Farm Biodiversity is key in the ecology of life. A farm has its own ecological system and the land can actually heal, repair, and restore itself. When we tap into this power, we see it is unlimited in what it can do. The land is alchemy, turning one…

And The Season Begins

February 16, 2017

And the Season Begins This is my favorite time of year. The farm is still sleeping but we, the farmers, come out of hibernation. With two and a half months of rest, I always wonder if I will ever be inspired to plant again. It just takes some faith. Every year, it’s the same. The warmer…

Top Three Guiding Principles to No-Till, Organic Growing

February 12, 2017

Top Three Guiding Principles to Organic, No-Till Farming When I first started farming, my husband and I were hoping to till an old horse pasture. We wanted to plant an acre of vegetables. We knew we would grow organically. The soil was mainly clay and heavily compacted. The grass was a mat of wet straw…

Thirteen Things To Expect When Becoming a Market Farmer

February 9, 2017

  Thirteen Things to Expect When You Become a Market Farmer When I first became a Market Farmer, I was 25 years old. Still in University, I thought it would be cool to start a farm. I wanted to slow climate change by growing local food for my community. I wanted to grow an acre…

Stories of Women Who Farm

January 28, 2017

Stories of Women Who Farm Click on a picture to see the farmer’s story. Sign up for our newsletter

From Computer Tech to Homesteader: Why I Choose to Farm

January 28, 2017

  From Computer Tech to Homesteader: Why I Choose to Farm I’ve gotten told by more than a few folks in the last couple weeks that they don’t know how we do everything we do out here. I got called a renaissance woman. I got some head shakes. I heard some disbelief that I sleep.…

From Food Desert to Food Garden: Turn Apartment Lawns Into Urban Farms

January 23, 2017

From Food Desert to Food Gardens: Turn Apartment Lawns Into Urban Farms According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Nearly 1 million Californians live in “food deserts” where there is no nearby supermarket or large grocery store. The Edible Apartment Project wants to grow 2 new urban farms on apartment lawns in L.A. a city with…

Kicking 150 Pounds of Anxiety and Depression through Farming

December 11, 2016

Kicking 150 Pounds of Anxiety and Depression Through Farming  Six years ago, I was a woman who made art behind a computer screen and taught others to do the same. A woman who ate a lot and didn’t exercise much. I hated a lot of things about myself. How I looked, how I felt, how…

Adventures in My Outdoor Kitchen

December 10, 2016

Adventures in an Outdoor Kitchen: How to Ferment Food from the Garden  In the fall we have a bounty of roots on the farm. My favourites for this recipe are of the brassica family: Purple Daikon Radish, Red Salad Turnip, and Hakurei. If you know of these, you are probably growing them or getting them…

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