Imagine an organic farming revolution. One that builds soil rather than depletes it and saves seed rather than destroys it. Right now, millions of women are behind this work. They believe in tomorrow. And their work is changing the world.

Women Who Farm supports and celebrates those who do this necessary work. We bring resources, community, and shared story.

The story behind Women Who Farm



Katie Massy is the founder of Women Who Farm, a project that originated in a field during harvest season. It came about as a calling to celebrate organic and sustainable agriculture and the many women behind this work.

"I wanted to gather stories of women farming sustainably. I remember bending down, digging up a lettuce bed, and knowing the direction I had to take. I put requests across social media seeking submissions. It wasn't long before farmers began contacting me from all over the world. The United States, Canada, Indonesia, and India: pictures, poetry, and questions became my morning news. When the first email came in from North Pole, Alaska, from a woman farming on permafrost and doing it all organically, I knew had caught wind of something. That summer I began to assemble the stories, from my own farm as well as many others.

While I continue to gather stories, the community continues to grow.  I love that we are unfolding into a platform for both celebration and support. " -Katie Massy


Women Who Farm is an organization that highlights and supports women farmers globally through resources, farm finder, and highlighting the leaders in the local food movement.

Our goals are to grow community and raise more respect for female farmers.

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