The Edible Apartment

The Edible Apartment is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We grow food in underutilized land in urban areas - particularly on apartment building sites - to create a local food sources for urban communities who have little access to fresh and local foods. We educate and inspire people to take charge of their well-being and community. We are growing food where local food is very difficult to locate.

As part of our community outreach, we offer regular gardening and wellness-related classes, farm-to-table functions, “TEA” Parties and garden work days. Our mission also includes using our resources for rehabilitation. That includes partnering with prisons, addiction recovery facilities and Veterans to share the healing benefits of gardening, cooking and community. We are a 100% volunteer organization that was founded by Executive Director, Jill Volat, and is run (almost entirely) by fellow women visionaries.


El Elyon School, Ghana

The El Elyon School (ages 1 through 9 years) in Ghana is developing a hands on curriculum designed to teach children about aquaponics coupled with their relation to plants and nature - how nature can be used to provide natural foods.

Aquaponics combines growing fish and vegetables without soil. The school will use tilapia and will grow up to five vegetables with two systems. The aim is for the tilapia to give birth and to continue the vegetable growth cycle. Both would be used to provide balanced meals for the children's meals. They will have the opportunity to have a hand in producing what they eat and see the full, natural process of living and life!
We will be fundraising for El Eyon School shortly. Stay Tuned.

Sowing seeds - empowering female farmers in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon

According to the UNHCR more than a million Syrian refugees are living in Lebanon, many of them in informal tent settlements close to the Syrian border. Two years ago the women of camp Faris started farming next to their tents in the Bekaa valley of Lebanon. They had lived in the camp since a few years, displaced from their homes in Syria, dependent on food baskets of NGO's. Farming within the camp meant access to fresh, nutritious food, a new hobby,  something to make the camp farm prettier and bigger chances of self sufficiency. Also as word spread of the project, some women were employed in nearby farms because of their gained experience. The Lebanese government has recently imposed a law prohibiting Syrian refugees to work in certain professions, except for in the agricultural sector, so to have experience in the field would allow for women to have a bigger chance of employment.

This year the women of camp Faris have decided to create a community center for themselves and their families. Here they will continue to receive and give trainings in agriculture to inspire  women in other camps to start farming as well. Gardening in the camps could mean two meal a day instead of one, or a job to support your money with. By donating to this campaign you support women supporting themselves and their families for independency.

We will be Fundraising for the refugee female farmers in Lebanon shortly. Stay tuned!


Make A Smile Project, Spain

This volunteer run project grows food to support an orphanage in Spain. All profits that are made from the farm go directly to supporting the orphanage. The orphanage's only income comes from the farm. We want to build them another greenhouse to create more income for the children. We don't know of a more worthwhile project. Donate what you can. Every bit helps and 100 percent of your donation will go to this incredible project.


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