Sow True Seed

146 Church St., 28801 Asheville, North Carolina

Phone Number: (828) 254-0708




An open-pollinated, untreated, GMO-free seed company in Asheville, NC offering 400+ varieties of vegetable, herb and flower seeds featuring heirloom, organic, and traditional favorites.

As we begin our seventh year, we are thrilled to bring you even more varieties of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds as well as new seasonal starts, bulbs, and tubers to help diversify your garden.  Sow True Seed is based in the glorious mountains of Southern Appalachia – home to a temperate rain forest and one of the most biologically diverse areas of North America!

We are proud to work with farmers in our Katuah Bioregion who ensure the survival of heirloom varieties that would otherwise become extinct.

Thank you for growing with us!

Hours & Info

(828) 254-0708
Weekdays 09:00 - 18:00