PanAmerican Seed

622 Town Rd, West Chicago, Illinois

60185, USA

Phone: 1-630-231-1400

Email: newsandinfo@panamseed.com

Website: www.panamseed.com/handpicked



For over 50 years, PanAmerican Seed has been creating exceptional flowers, providing highest-quality seed to professional growers, and helping gardeners around the world plant beauty in their gardens. We bring all of our expertise and innovation into developing, testing, and selecting our HandPicked Vegetables, so that you can grow and sell with confidence.

PanAmerican Seed offers a novel, high-quality group of vegetables and herbs especially for those who supply fresh market farmers and hobby gardeners. What sets HandPicked varieties apart are their fresh, home-grown flavor, exceptional fruit quality, earlier and longer harvests, and loads of produce.

All of our varieties are conventionally bred, and non-GMO. Our varieties can be found at your favorite seed and plant vendors.