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Artist, Activist, and Auntie celebrates all the women who farm with her 44th edition of her 2018 Calendar: GOOD FOOD! This annual project brought complete joy as I grew these vegetables then used them as my models! I encourage my community to eat GOOD FOOD with gratitude.

Page after page has shown an intentional path less taken and mostly loved. My growth as an artist reflects determination paired with a often stubborn life and a push to make art.

NOW I know confidence builds more confidence. The support I have enjoyed for years warms my heart and enables me to keep working, to keep producing and to try to keep my perspective.

As women rooting for and with the earth, let us support every woman to experience her power, her knowledge, and her own abilities.

GOOD FOOD, my latest calendar is a collection of up close studies of my own home grown veggies. This calendar allowed me to focus on the many seasons and circles of a gardener's life.

To dream, to plan, to grow, to admire, to harvest, to art, to eat. YUM.