Siberian Herbs

Estonia. Õismäe tee 37-54,

Tallinna linn, Harju maakond, 13514

Phone Number: +372 602 7627




Siberian Herbs is a unique online store of natural herbal teas. All teas have a positive effect on the body and have an excellent natural taste. Some strengthen the immune system, some benefit the blood system and others have healing effects.

Each tea consists of a set of herbs collected in certain proportions. In total, the store has 18 different herbal collections: "General Effect", "Vessels, heart". "Kidney", "Liver", "Stomach", "Osteochondrosis, joints", "Hypertension", "Psoriasis", "Smoking", "Weight loss", "Bronchopulmonary", "Gynecological", "Prostatitis", "Tumor", "Diabetes", "Parasites", "Tranquilizing", "Alcoholism".

The uniqueness of herbal collections is that all components are collected in the ecologically cleanest areas of our planet in natural places of growth.