Off Grid

Kicking 150 Pounds of Anxiety and Depression through Farming

Women Who Farm Resource Directory Farm and Garden Resources Join our Resource Directory Farm Finder Global Farm Finder List Your Farm Articles Market Place Contact Us Kicking 150 Pounds of Anxiety and Depression Through Farming  Six years ago, I was a woman who made art behind a computer screen and taught others to do the…

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From City Life to Living in the Back Country With No Power: Why I Choose To Live Off Grid

As we’ve gone more and more off the grid at our farm, we’ve found that time has opened up in new ways. We spend less time tending technology and more time living our lives. Our bodies also feel more attuned to the days, as when the light begins to fail, we shut down our electronics and light the candles, allowing our bodies’ rhythms to naturally slow toward sleep. Most of all, living off the grid has taken away a fear we didn’t really know we had until we made the jump: can we have a decent quality of life without someone else controlling the power? The answer is yes.

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