I Ate Local for a Week and Here’s What Happened

I have to start with a confession. Up until very recently, I haven’t thought much about where my food came from. Over the last six years my fiancé and I have taken turns being students, with him finishing up a PhD and me completing a post-graduate diploma. My only thought about the food we ate was if it was relatively nutritious and if it fit into our very tight budget.

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Permaculture on the Farm: Lessons of Resilience

I didn’t know how much my annual plants would like to be nestled between established perennials, elders who hold the soil firm and strong around them while they establish their young roots. Plants like to be on contour so they can soak up all the water they desire. They need a system that is designed for them to survive and thrive… and not suffer or get sick.

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From a Garden in a Box to a Permaculture Farm in India: One Woman’s Story

It was a moment of Déjà vu. Only, this time it wasn’t the voice of Aaji, my grandmother, telling me excitedly that we could use the broken shelf as a vegetable bed on the terrace of the block of apartments we all lived in, a family of six then, in a one bedroom apartment in the concrete jungle of Mumbai, in India.

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